Assorted Logos.

Gnashing is an art collective started by my brother and I, along with a few friends, Cyril Soliman, Madi Frausto, Bilal Mohamed, and more, with the goal to showcase young artists in San Diego, as well as provide a space for young creative people to meet and interact. We’ve put on 5 events, all varying in size and premise, but all rather successful at achieving our goal of creating a fun and welcoming environment where young artists like ourselves could grow and thrive with a community of people with similar aspirations.

I’ve played a myriad of roles, including design roles, doing production design, layout design, etc, as well as styling for shoots.

Multiple Shirts on the shelves of Gym Standard, in San Diego, CA. Photo Edwin Negado.

Past Lookbook Photo.
Shot by Jakob Delmundo and Kaidan Pascua.