Case Study 12 Album Covers and Stuff (2020-).


Song Suggestions:

For You by Prince: ‘My Love is Forever’‘Crazy You’
Talking Book by Stevie Wonder: ‘You and I’, ‘You’ve Got It Bad Girl’
Give Up by the Postal Service: ‘Sleeping In’, ‘Nothing Better’ I Want To Feel Your Love by Oby Onyioha: ‘I’ll Put It Right Again’, ‘Enjoy Your Life’


Song Suggestions:

Sunlight by Herbie Hancock: ‘I Thought It Was You’, ‘Come Running to Me’
Blacks and Blues by Bobbi Humphrey: ‘Just A Love Child’, ‘Baby’s Gone’
Come To My Garden by Minnie Riperton: ‘Oh, By The Way’, ‘Completeness’ The Headphone Masterpiece by Cody Chesnutt: ‘Up in The Treehouse’, ‘No One Will’

“I honestly couldn’t tell you why I did this. All the original covers for these were pretty cool in their own right. I just felt like it. Haven’t felt like designing anything in awhile so that was nice. Enjoy this, listen to these albums. More stuff soon maybe?”

September 2020-

Tying ties. Buying hats on eBay. Starting a baseball league.  Shooting Issue 02. 
Thinking about Zendaya. Tying ties. Buying hats on eBay. Shooting Issue 02.